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Principal's Welcome

Principal Message

Welcome to the WFC, collaborative educational community. The hallmark of our accomplishments is the delivery of an educational experience that prepares students to live a life of respect, responsibility and integrity. 

The instructional design of the WFC is based on the belief that education that is rigorous, relevant and engaging is essential to preparing students to be leaders in their families, communities, and their present and future world.

Project Based Learning (PBL) at the WFC brings the FPS curriculum to life and students are expected to witness, engage and prepare presentations that have meaning and purpose. 

While the WFC is a small high school campus, we model and lead in the implementation of Restorative Practices, Circle of Courage, Collaborative Special Education in Executive Function, Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports as well as PBL. Candidates for enrollment often present challenges with ‘fitting in’ at the large high school due to anxiety, depression &/or interests in unique pathways. To optimize success, working with students and their families, our talented clinical and educational team strives to help each student with a myriad of supports and interventions. We believe in teamwork, communication and accountability and are extremely proud of the transformative impact that the WFC has had for many.